30 days to get used to For The Record

We understand it can take some time to get to know your For The Record storage solution. That’s why we give you 30 days to fall in love with it. If you change your mind within these 30 days, we will arrange transport to come and collect it.

Warranty after 30 days

Faulty item
If you discover a factory fault, we will always replace the damaged part for a new one. If your item is within its guarantee of 2 years, you can return the item for a replacement or refund

Damaged/Faulty part
If you are moving a lot and you’ve assembled and disassembled your For The Record storage solution many times, it can suffer from wear and tear. Every part of your For the Record vinyl storage is replaceable, so you can always buy a new part if you want your For the Record storage solution to look brand new again. 

Missing part
We can arrange for the missing part to be sent directly to you free of charge.

Email us at help@fortherecord.eu with your problem and we will find the best solution possible.