Return Policy

30 days to get used to For The Record

We understand it's exciting to buy a piece of furniture online without touching or smelling it. That's why we give you enough time (30 days) to get used to the For The Record - Vinyl Storage at home. If you change your mind, you will receive a full refund and we will arrange the transport. 

Damaged/ incomplete shipment

Once you have received your delivery, please inspect the product and inform us within 7 days of delivery if anything is missing or has been damaged. We will replace the damaged or missing item. Please contact our service team at 

Return Policy

If you are not satisfied and want to return your product, it's important you pack the For The Record - Vinyl Storage the same way as you have received it. We designed the packaging in such way that it is easily repacked, without damaging the packaging. If you don't have the packaging anymore, please contact us at

If your product is still in its original packaging, please fill in this return form and we will find the best way to return your package to us. 



Handling of return

We will check the returned product for irregularities. If everything is ok, you will receive your new item or refund in 5-6 days.