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The For The Record brand is part of the Swordfish & Friend company based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Swordfish & Friend is all about making it fun, affordable and easy to play analog music and to start a vinyl collection.

The business is run by two women, Tessa Pals and Marlein Parlevliet, who are also responsible for bringing Record Store Day and Crosley turntables to Europe.
For more information visit www.sfdistributions.com


 With our expertise in the vinyl industry and our personal love for vinyl, we saw an opportunity to create the For The Record vinyl storage cabinet. We understand the frustration when a vinyl collection outgrows its cabinet, and we love to organize our vinyl collection in the best way possible. That's how we created the For The Record vinyl storage: The perfect way to store your vinyl. 

What's our Vision?

For The Record strives to be a source of inspiration by creating a lifestyle around vinyl records. We aim for the highest quality products by ensuring a combination of great production, affordable pricing and exciting contemporary design. 

 The Designer

For The Record | Vinyl Storage

Jeroen van Leur is the designer of the For The Record Vinyl storage. 

Elegant constructions, refined details and surprisingly simple production methods are typical characteristics of Jeroen van Leur's designs.

He works from a breeding ground of artistic creation in the North of Amsterdam. For more of his work, visit www.spitsberg.nl