How For The Record can contribute to a more sustainable world? That is a question we ask ourselves in our whole process. From designing a product to sending it to our proud collectors. Check out the ways we give back to the climate. 

CO2 compensated shipments

We have joined the Think Green initiative of GLS. This means that within the Netherlands we ship 100% climate Neutral. The objectives of the Think Green initiative: responsible handling of resources, the reduction of emissions and the optimisation of waste disposal.

We have joined the Go Green initiative of DHL. DHL is going green with, for example, electric vehicles and sustainable locations. We compensate for the CO2 that we are not yet able to reduce through the GoGreen compensation program.

FSC Packaging

Our packaging is made out of FSC certified paper - which assures responsible paper sourcing. 

Packaging recycling

We participate in the EU packaging recycling program. 



Full Supply Chain transparency

Reach Full Supply Chain transparency for 100% of our production. We would like to show every step of the For The Record production process.

Assembled in the Netherlands

The wooden parts of the FTR are assembled at Dutch factories by skilled furniture makers, ensuring top-notch quality.